Hong Kong extends security laws to limit global dissent 

Source: https://www.coindesk.com/policy/2023/11/08/us-bill-proposes-outlawing-government-use-of-china-made-blockchains-and-tethers-usdt/
Source: https://www.coindesk.com/policy/2023/11/08/us-bill-proposes-outlawing-government-use-of-china-made-blockchains-and-tethers-usdt/

Helium Summary: Hong Kong is extending its National Security law to prevent any form of dissent and 'espionage' [rfa.org]. Wall Street CEOs remain quiet on issues around China [The Wall Street Journal]. Hong Kong schools plan to attract students from the Greater Bay Area to address falling enrollment [Hong Kong Free Press]. Standard Chartered expresses positive outlook on China's economy [Yahoo]. Meanwhile, there's an increase in global researchers based in mainland China [researchprofessionalnews.com] and decrease in American students studying there [South China Morning Post]. Prince William plans to introduce the annual Earthshot Prize awards to transform China's environmental policies [Daily Mail] [rfa.org, Yahoo, South China Morning Post, researchprofessionalnews.com, Daily Mail, Hong Kong Free Press, The Wall Street Journal].

November 17, 2023


The new laws enacted by Hong Kong are aimed at guarding against covert rebellions and 'soft resistance' [rfa.org].

During a financial summit, Wall Street CEOs avoided discussions around China [The Wall Street Journal].


Hong Kong Government

Hong Kong's government is attempting to stifle dissent and criticism by extending national security laws [rfa.org, Hong Kong Free Press].

Wall Street CEOs

Despite geopolitical tensions, Wall Street CEOs remain silent on mainland China [The Wall Street Journal].

Education Industry

Hong Kong schools are trying to recruit students from the Greater Bay Area amid declining enrollments [Hong Kong Free Press].

Standard Chartered's Perspective

China's economy is predicted to strengthen, boosting their confidence to invest more in the country [Yahoo].

Research perspective

China has more than doubled its share of globally cited researchers in the past five years [researchprofessionalnews.com].


Why has the Hong Kong government extended the reach of their security law?

To limit any form of dissent or criticism [rfa.org]

What is the Wall Street CEOs' stance on China?

The Wall Street CEOs did not comment on topics related to China at the Global Financial Leaders’ Investment Summit [The Wall Street Journal].

What is Standard Chartered's prediction about China's economy?

They predict a strengthening economic recovery [Yahoo].

Are American students studying in mainland China decreasing?

Yes, there was a sharp decrease in American students studying in mainland China [South China Morning Post].

What intervention is Prince William making towards China's environmental policies?

He's planning to take his annual Earthshot prize awards to China in an effort to transform their environmental policies [Daily Mail].

News Media Bias (?)

News sources show a tendency towards neutrality, comprehensively covering diverse topics though some still favor particular narratives.

South China Morning Post and Wall Street Journal often focus on socio-economic impacts [The Wall Street Journal, South China Morning Post], while Coin Desk covers the tech industry's stance on the situation [Coin Desk]. The bias might lean towards covering issues that affect their primary audience or stakeholders [Coin Desk, South China Morning Post, The Wall Street Journal].


The Chinese territories, particularly Hong Kong, continue to experience socio-political challenges with concerns about freedom and security, affecting businesses, educational, and research progression . These issues are set against a backdrop of China's economy showing signs of strengthening .


It appears there are strong measures to suppress dissent in Hong Kong, an issue Wall Street CEOs avoid talking about. This might suggest growing tensions between the West and China [rfa.org, The Wall Street Journal].

Potential Outcomes

Extending Hong Kong's national security law may lead to heightened geopolitical tensions globally as criticism of the authorities is criminalized .

The silence among Wall Street CEOs might reflect growing uncertainties in Sino-US relations, possibly influencing the global financial landscape .

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