Increasing AI development urging regulation. 


Helium Summary: Consumer advocacy groups in the EU and USA have called their governments to implement regulations for AI technologies, as they believe rapid development could harm consumers' rights without sufficient governance.

This is particularly targeted towards generative AI technologies like ChatGPT and the concerns surround issues related to privacy, manipulation, personal integrity, scams, and disinformation [Epoch Times].

June 29, 2023


What consumer challenges are related to AI?

Concerns about AI tech center around issues like privacy, manipulation, personal integrity, scams, and disinformation [Epoch Times].

What sectors are increasingly adopting AI technologies?

AI is now gaining traction in industries like agriculture, healthcare, beauty, fashion, and retail [Yahoo,,,].

News Media Bias (?)

The information ranges from trade publications to general media outlets that tend to give an industry-centric perspective, promoting technological advancement [Yahoo,,,].

Consumer concerns might be underplayed.


The ever-increasing integration of AI technologies into all facets of daily life and general economy necessitates a balance between speed of progression and ensuring consumer security.


The swift progression of AI in various industries necessitates proper regulations to balance consumer protection with technological growth and innovation.

Potential Outcomes

1. Governments could increase AI regulations (70% chance) considering consumer advocacy urging and AI's pervasive presence.

2. Unregulated AI advancement could continue (30% chance), given industry support.

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