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The James Webb Space Telescope has captured unprecedented views of the chaotic galactic center, revealing new insights about star formation and the early universe
High voter turnout of 76% was recorded in the Madhya Pradesh state elections in India
Liver cancer rates rising in successive generations of Mexican Americans
Israel and Hamas agreed to a temporary 4-day truce allowing humanitarian aid into Gaza and the staggered release of 50 hostages in exchange for 150 Palestinian prisoners
Surfing provides $1 trillion in mental health benefits to the global economy
Kate Middleton attended several royal events this week wearing notable fashion pieces like the Strathmore Rose tiara
Advances in medical imaging and omics enable better understanding and treatment of diseases
EU governments push for limited regulation of foundation models
Generative AI is rapidly advancing and transforming industries, raising questions around ethics, bias, job impacts, and need for governance
A federal appeals court ruled private citizens cannot file lawsuits under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, sparking outrage from civil rights advocates
Meta allegedly designed products to exploit vulnerabilities in teens
Indigenous peoples face disproportionate exposure to environmental contamination and lack inclusion in site management
Morgan Stanley faces scrutiny over data breach, legal issues, and economic uncertainty
The Patriots are having a historically bad season, projected to have a top 5 draft pick to potentially select a new franchise QB
Research explores new therapies against drug-resistant infections
Advancements in AI and drone technology could accelerate landmine detection and mapping in Ukraine