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Monocytes could cause persistent breathlessness in long COVID patients, according to new research.  

Helium Summary: Researchers at the University of Manchester have identified immune cells called monocytes as a potential cause of long-lasting covid symptoms, such as breathlessness, in some patients [Wired].

Monocytes typically help clear infections, but in certain cases, they may not switch off, leading to ongoing symptoms.

May 16, 2023


Long COVID Symptoms

Some patients experience lasting symptoms after recovering from the initial infection [Wired]

COVID-19 Co-infections

Co-infection with parasitic diseases can overlap symptoms with COVID-19 and complicate treatment [NCBI].


What are monocytes?

Monocytes are immune cells that help clear infections and trigger the immune system's activation [Wired].

What are some common long covid symptoms?

Symptoms include breathlessness, exhaustion, shortness of breath, and concentration problems [].

News Media Bias

Sources such as Wired and CNN provide technology and general news coverage, respectively, with no apparent ideological bias in their reporting on long COVID and related research.


Long COVID is an area of ongoing research as scientists continue to unravel the causes of lingering symptoms in some patients who have recovered from the initial infection.


The identification of monocytes as a potential cause of long covid symptoms could help researchers work towards finding better treatments for patients experiencing persistent symptoms.

Potential Outcomes

1. Further research on monocytes leading to targeted treatments for long COVID (60%)

2. Interest in investigating similar immune responses in other diseases (40%)

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