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UC Berkeley Professor Elizabeth Hoover apologized for falsely claiming Native American heritage.  

Helium Summary: UC Berkeley associate professor Elizabeth Hoover apologized for falsely claiming Native American heritage, specifically Mohawk and Mi'kmaq descent [CNN].

Hoover was hired in 2020 for her expertise in Native American food systems, environmental health movements, and food sovereignty [CNN].

Given her false identity, many are calling for her resignation and removal from related positions and opportunities [CNN].

May 26, 2023


Berkeley Critics

Hoover's false identity is harmful, leading to calls for her resignation and retraction from related positions and opportunities [CNN]

Hoover's Apology

Hoover acknowledges that her false identification caused harm to the Native community and accepts responsibility for not confirming her heritage earlier [CNN].


Did Elizabeth Hoover's false identity help her professionally?

Yes, her claims of Native American heritage boosted her career and paved the way for fellowships, academic posts, and published work [Daily Sceptic].

News Media Bias

The sources cover the facts of the case without apparent bias or sensationalism.

They focus on Hoover's apology, the harm caused by her false identification, and calls for her resignation.


Elizabeth Hoover apologized as professors nationwide face scrutiny about potential false claims to various identities that may have helped secure professional opportunities.


False claims of Native American heritage can have repercussions for both the individual and the authentic community members they may displace or misrepresent.

Potential Outcomes

1. Hoover resigns or is removed from her position (unknown probability)

2. Hoover remains in her position and works to repair relationships within the Native community (unknown probability)

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