Nike, Honda, and Micron face patent infringement lawsuits from other companies 


Helium Summary: Several high-profile companies, including Nike, Honda, and Yangtze Memory, have been involved in patent infringement lawsuits.

Nike is suing its competitors, New Balance and Skechers, accusing them of using its Flyknit technology without authorization.

Meanwhile, Honda allegedly infringed four of InfoGation Corporation’s patents related to GPS technology, and Yangtze Memory accuses Micron of using its patented technology to fend off competition[, CBS, Yahoo].[]

November 19, 2023


Nike's lawsuits focus on Flyknit, a special type of fiber used for making shoes lightweight and strong that it claimed to have patented[CBS].

Honda allegedly infringed four of InfoGation Corporation’s patents related to GPS technology[].

Yangtze Memory filed a lawsuit against Micron and alleged the company used its patented technology without paying its proper share[].


Corporate Perspective

Businesses develop and patent technologies to gain a competitive edge. Alleged infringement cases can cause financial and reputation loss, making them serious issues to address.

Legal Perspective

These lawsuits highlight the importance of intellectual property rights and their enforcement in the corporate world.

Consumer Perspective

The implications of these lawsuits can impact product availability and pricing for consumers.

Relevant Trades


What does the Flyknit technology involve?

Nike's Flyknit is a special type of fiber used to develop shoe uppers (parts of a shoe above the sole) that is high-strength, supportive, lightweight, and breathable[CBS].

Who are the accused parties in the current lawsuits?

Nike is suing New Balance and Skechers, Honda is being sued by InfoGation Corporation, and Micron is being sued by Yangtze Memory[, CBS,].

News Media Bias (?)

The sources seem balanced, providing information on both sides.

However, they don't offer potential defenses for the accused.

Additionally, some sources focus more on the impact of the lawsuits on the accused companies which can suggest a business-oriented bias[, CBS,].


The current lawsuits highlight the ongoing issue of patent infringement in the corporate world. This usually involves one company accusing another of unlawfully using its patented technology, which can lead to drawn-out legal battles, affecting companies' finances, operations, and even their reputation.


The prevalence of patent infringement lawsuits among high-profile companies underscores the value and competitive nature of intellectual property in various industries. These conflicts not only have legal implications for the parties involved, but potential market consequences as well.

Potential Outcomes

If successful, these lawsuits could lead to financial damages for the accused companies and might force them to stop using the patented technologies, which could impact their product lines and market positioning.

The accused companies might also counter-sue or reach a settlement agreement, which can impact the legal landscape around patent enforcement.

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