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Student loan payment pause ending, payments expected to resume in October with interest accruing in September.  

Helium Summary: The Department of Education has issued guidance to student loan companies regarding the resumption of federal student loan payments after a three-year pause due to COVID-19.

Monthly payments are expected to resume in October, with interest accruing in September [Breitbart].

Student loan servicers are required to alert borrowers of payment resumption after August 31 [Breitbart].

May 03, 2023


Supporters of the pause end

Favor getting back to normal repayment schedules and reducing the financial burden on taxpayers [Business Insider]

Critics of the pause end

Argue that the end of the pause will negatively impact borrowers who are still struggling financially [Business Insider]


When are student loan payments expected to resume?

Monthly payments are expected to resume in October [Breitbart].

When will interest start accruing on the loans?

Interest is expected to begin accruing in September [Breitbart].

News Media Bias

The news sources, in general, report both the plans for reopening payments [Breitbart] and the proposed Republican efforts to place restrictions on student loans [Business Insider], showing a balanced view of the situation.


Ending of the student loan payment pause may alleviate taxpayer burden but could negatively affect struggling borrowers.

Potential Outcomes

1. (High probability) student loan payments resume in October as planned, causing a mix of relief for taxpayers and hardship for struggling borrowers [Breitbart].

2. (Lower probability) Further extensions or modifications to the payment pause are implemented, depending on economic or political factors.

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