Telehealth has been widely accepted in cancer rehabilitation with considerations regarding accessibility 


Helium Summary: A series of reports explore various aspects of rehabilitation, including effectiveness and barriers in both physical and telehealth settings, and in specific conditions such as cancer and cardiac rehabilitation[NCBI,, NCBI, BMJ, BMJ]. A darker side of rehabilitation is explored through a criminal case involving a nurse[], and the use of virtual reality for therapy is discussed[].

November 18, 2023


Telehealth is welcomed by patients for cancer rehabilitation but has issues with accessibility [NCBI]

Virtual reality has potential for therapy, such as for abusers to increase empathy []


Clinical Perspective

Rehabilitation, both physical and in telehealth format, plays a critical role in patient care. However, challenges exist in implementation and achieving overall effectiveness[NCBI,, NCBI, BMJ, BMJ]

Legal and Ethical Perspective

The case of a nurse accused of administering lethal doses of insulin to patients points towards ethical and legal issues in healthcare []

Technological Perspective

Virtual reality is being considered as a novel tool for therapy, including in rehabilitation of abusers []


While direct comparison is not possible due to varied nature of sources, they each provide a glimpse into the realities, challenges, and advancements in the domain of rehabilitation.


Telehealth and physical rehabilitation are crucial in patient care, but barriers exist. Advancements like virtual reality offer promise but require cautious exploration.


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