Tim Scott suspends his 2024 presidential race campaign 

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/11/12/us/politics/tim-scott-2024-campaign.html
Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/11/12/us/politics/tim-scott-2024-campaign.html

Helium Summary: The 2024 presidential race is gradually taking shape, with notable developments outlined in the sources.

Former President Donald Trump is planning a comeback bid and may face competition from several Republican contenders including Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis [abc7.com]. However, Senator Tim Scott has recently suspended his campaign [South China Morning Post, edition.cnn.com]. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has officially announced his intention to run for a second term [abc7.com]. Various news sources depict a competitive race brewing between Trump, Haley, DeSantis, and Biden

November 13, 2023


Former President Donald Trump is planning to run for the presidency [1945, abc7.com].

President Joe Biden intends to run for re-election [abc7.com].

Nikki Haley is making progress in gaining traction [Slate].

Ron DeSantis is emerging as a potential candidate [News Facts Network, Slate].

Tim Scott has suspended his presidential campaign [edition.cnn.com, South China Morning Post].


Trump Supporters' perspective

Trump's potential presidential bid in 2024 is indicative of his unwavering support amongst his base and his determination to retake the White House [1945].

Democrat Supporters' perspective

Joe Biden's re-election campaign provides continuity and brings stability to his first-term legislative achievements and his extensive experience [abc7.com].

Potential Republican Candidates' perspective

The unfolding circumstances in the 2024 race signify opportunities for other potential Republican candidates like Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis to emerge [News Facts Network, Slate].


Who are the primary contenders in the 2024 presidential race?

The primary contenders appear to be Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Nikki Haley, and Ron DeSantis [abc7.com, News Facts Network, Slate].

Why did Tim Scott suspend his campaign?

Tim Scott suspended his campaign as he failed to gain momentum and stand out amid the crowded Republican primary [edition.cnn.com, South China Morning Post].

News Media Bias (?)

The sources provided vary in their political bias.

Breitbart [Breitbart] and 1945 [1945] tend to lean conservative, while Truthout [Truthout] leans liberal.

However, all the sources analyzed present the factual developments about the 2024 presidential race, without explicitly favoring a particular candidate or party in this context.


The 2024 Presidential race is setting up to be a competitive political event, with ideological divides and high political stakes. A crowded Republican field is creating strategical moves for candidates to establish their foothold. Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, President Biden’s re-election bid continues amid some calls for reconsideration .


The potential lineup for the 2024 presidential race shows an intricate competition between notable figures within the Democratic and Republican parties, manifesting differing political visions and highlighting the dynamics within each party [abc7.com, Slate, edition.cnn.com].

Potential Outcomes

If Trump becomes the Republican candidate, it may re-energize his base, potentially leading to a fierce competition with Biden if the latter is the Democratic candidate .

Nikki Haley or Ron DeSantis emerging as the primary Republican contender could influence the dynamics and outcome of the presidential race .

Tim Scott's withdrawal might redistribute his potential voters to other Republican candidates, influencing the primaries .

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