U.S. cities declared emergencies for extreme weather in 2023 

Source: https://www.wired.com/story/new-york-city-floods-state-of-emergency/
Source: https://www.wired.com/story/new-york-city-floods-state-of-emergency/

Helium Summary: In 2023, emergency declarations have been issued in multiple U.S. locations due to extreme weather, migrant surges, infrastructure issues, and other crises.

Major emergencies include flooding in NYC [bbc.co.uk, news.sky.com], Mississippi River saltwater intrusion [abc13.com, Fox], migrant influx in Eagle Pass, TX [Just the News], and LGBTQ legislation [Helium].

October 01, 2023


State and Local Governments

Declare emergencies to access resources and address urgent threats [Just the News, abc13.com, Fox]. Partisan divides affect emergency response [somerset-kentucky.com (Opinion)].

Federal Government

Provides assistance to states after emergency declarations [Fox, News Facts Network]. Uses emergency powers controversially [somerset-kentucky.com (Opinion)].


Criticize government inaction on issues like climate change despite emergencies [Common Dreams]. Sue to overturn emergency orders [LA Times].


What were some major emergency declarations in the U.S. in 2023?

NYC flooding [bbc.co.uk, news.sky.com], Mississippi River water crisis [abc13.com, Fox], Eagle Pass migrant surge [Just the News], anti-LGBTQ legislation [Helium].

What are some different perspectives on emergency declarations?

States use them to access resources [Just the News, abc13.com, Fox] but they can be partisan [somerset-kentucky.com (Opinion)]. Activists criticize inaction despite emergencies [Common Dreams].

News Media Bias (?)

The sources provide a range of perspectives from mainstream media [bbc.co.uk, news.sky.com, abc13.com, Fox], partisan sites [Just the News, Common Dreams], and opinion pieces [somerset-kentucky.com (Opinion)].

Consider each source's potential blind spots.


These U.S. emergency declarations in 2023 come amid increasing extreme weather and political polarization.


Emergency declarations enable urgent government action but can be controversial depending on the circumstances, politics, and underlying issues.

Potential Outcomes

Improved disaster preparedness and response.

Increased partisan conflict over emergency powers.


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