Various candidates for 2024 election 


Helium Summary: Several politicians have announced or hinted at running for president in 2024, including former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson [PBS], Sen. Tim Scott [Breitbart], Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis [New York Times][National Review], and former Vice President Mike Pence [News Facts Network].

Additionally, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson has teased a presidential run but admitted he was joking [Alternet].

May 26, 2023


Multiple candidates

The pool of potential candidates demonstrates the diversity and various paths to the presidency within the Republican party.

Incumbent advantage

Some argue that challenging an incumbent president, such as Joe Biden, could be risky due to the incumbent advantage [Daily Kos].


Can we expect more Republicans to announce their candidacy for the 2024 election?

Yes, the pool of candidates may continue to grow as more politicians decide to run and announce their intentions [Business Insider].

Did Tucker Carlson seriously consider running for president?

No, despite teasing a run, Carlson admitted that he was joking and not planning to run for office [Alternet].

News Media Bias (?)

The sources used represent a range of political leanings, including PBS (left-leaning) [PBS], National Review (right-leaning) [National Review], and New York Times (left-leaning) [New York Times].

The variety in sources contributes to a balanced approach in covering the candidate announcements.


The 2024 presidential election is still quite a bit away, and many things can change before then. Early announcements and decisions might not necessarily translate into strong campaigns or outcomes.


The 2024 presidential election may present a diverse range of candidates and viewpoints within the Republican party, offering different paths forward.

Potential Outcomes

1) More Republican candidates announce and diversify the pool (80%);

2) Joe Biden faces a strong challenge despite his incumbency (50%);

3) Incumbent advantage secures Joe Biden's re-election (50%).


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