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YouTuber pleads guilty for intentionally crashing plane for views and obstructing investigation.  

Helium Summary: YouTuber and former X Games snowboarder Trevor Jacob agreed to plead guilty to a federal charge of destruction and concealment with intent to obstruct an investigation after intentionally crashing a plane for a video to increase his follower count [NY Daily News][The Guardian][].

May 18, 2023



The plane crash was a dangerous and intentional act to gain viewers [NY Daily News]


Plea agreement to reduce potential sentence [].

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What is the potential sentence for Jacob?

Jacob faces up to 20 years in federal prison [The Guardian].

Why did Jacob crash the plane?

To increase his YouTube follower count and secure a sponsorship deal [ZeroHedge Opinion].

News Media Bias

Coverage is fairly consistent across sources, with minor variations in emphasis and detail, indicating a largely factual basis for the reporting [NY Daily News][The Guardian][][CBS][].


The case highlights the potential risks and lengths influencers may go to gain attention and views, raising questions about regulating online content and the effects of social media culture.


Social media influencers may go to dangerous extents for views and attention; regulations and legal consequences could deter such actions.

Potential Outcomes

1. Increased awareness and discussion about dangerous behavior by influencers on social media platforms (70%)

2. Potential regulations or legal consequences for such acts (20%)

3. Temporary increase in scrutiny of influencer behavior (60%).

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