special counsel appointed for hunter biden 

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Rep. Byron Donalds defends comments on Jim Crow-era Black families
Ethereum ETFs approved, market momentum mixed
DeSantis pledges $7.5M for San Carlos Island shrimp dock
Extreme weather events linked to climate change
Rising temperatures are influencing various environmental dynamics
Advances in cancer diagnostics and treatment extend beyond traditional methods
Biden enacts restrictive immigration policy capping asylum seekers at the border
Mistrial demanded in Trump's hush money case
Apple introduces significant AI features across its OS platforms
Genome sequencing improves rare disease diagnoses by 8%
Trump's pre-sentencing interview was conducted virtually
Nationals perform inconsistently; key wins against Braves
Court maneuvers in Trump's classified documents case
Apple partners with OpenAI for AI integration
U.S. lawmakers push Biden to secure Binance exec from Nigeria
'Dragon Age: The Veilguard' gets a fall 2024 release window

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