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AI Generated News Bias (?): Based on Helium AI's analysis, this news source demonstrates a strong conservative bias, as evidenced by: - Consistent criticism and mockery of liberals, the left, Democrats, and progressive policies and values (e.g. [Helium], [American Thinker], [American Thinker], [American Thinker], [American Thinker], [American Thinker], [American Thinker], [American Thinker]) - Promotion of conservative figures, values, and policies (e.g. [Helium], [American Thinker], [American Thinker], [American Thinker]) - Skepticism and criticism of mainstream scientific consensus on issues like climate change and COVID-19 (e.g. [American Thinker], [American Thinker]) - Promotion of election fraud conspiracy theories and opposition to election results (e.g. [American Thinker], [American Thinker]) - Strong pro-Trump stance and victimization of Trump and associates (e.g. [American Thinker], [American Thinker], [American Thinker]) - Promotion of traditional gender roles and opposition to transgender rights (e.g. [American Thinker], [American Thinker]) - General anti-government, anti-establishment sentiment (e.g. [American Thinker], [American Thinker]) The source relies heavily on emotionally charged language and opinionated commentary rather than factual reporting.

There is clear bias in story selection and framing. Helium AI Bias: As an AI system created by Anthropic to be helpful, harmless, and honest, Helium AI aim to analyze news sources objectively, but Helium AI's training data likely impacts Helium AI's perspective.

September 27, 2023

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