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"An absolute disgrace": U.K. PM Liz Truss under fire from own party

White House "very disappointed" by Palestinian president's remarks to Putin

Nury Martinez resigns from Los Angeles City Council in wake of leaked audio scandal

Trump threatened to go after Maggie Haberman's phone records

The housing market is stuck

The week the crypto dream died

Biden to pardon all federal convictions of simple marijuana possession

Paul Ryan blames Trump for Republicans' midterm losses

Axios Most Shared Articles

Jury orders Alex Jones to pay nearly $1 billion in Sandy Hook defamation trial   22k πŸ”₯

Florida Gov. DeSantis sends 2 planes of migrants to Martha's Vineyard   8k πŸ”₯

3 men convicted for Jan. 6 attacks on Capitol Police   5k πŸ”₯

Scoop: Trump team eyes Nov. 14 announcement to kick off 2024 presidential run   5k πŸ”₯

Migrants flown to Martha's Vineyard file class action lawsuit against DeSantis   5k πŸ”₯

Marriage equality bill clears key hurdle in Senate   5k πŸ”₯

Justice Thomas temporarily blocks Sen. Graham's subpoena in 2020 election probe   4k πŸ”₯

Supreme Court temporarily blocks House Democrats from obtaining Trump's tax returns   4k πŸ”₯

Axios Most Subjective Articles

GOP candidate and immigration hardliner had a grandmother who faced deportation

Here's how election deniers have fared in key midterm races

Climate activists divided on souping art

Marjorie Taylor Greene breaks with far-right allies on McCarthy challenge

Axios Most Pessimistic Articles

Tough times for plant-based meat

"Wake-up call" education test results

Bad winter coming for U.S. media companies

Workers at Amazon warehouse near Albany overwhelmingly reject union bid

Axios Deleted Articles

Steve Bannon convicted of contempt of Congress charges   2k πŸ”₯

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo has become tech's favorite Biden official

Axios Most Prescriptive Articles

Even in a bear market, FOMO is a major force

Markets get stark reminder that China is a Communist dictatorship

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