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CNBC Most Emotional Articles

No evidence of political motivation behind FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago, Cheney says - CNBC

How this 31-year-old got fired from his job and re-hired at the same company in 24 hours - CNBC

China's exports unexpectedly shrink in October, badly missing expectations for growth - CNBC

White House hammers economic issues with attack on 'junk fees' two weeks out from Election Day - CNBC

Britain's businesses are 'running out of fight' as country faces longest-ever recession - CNBC

Lindsey Graham's abortion ban bill baffles some Republicans as Democrats sharpen attacks in key midterm races - CNBC

U.S. denounces Russia's 'dirty bomb' claim; more than a million Ukrainian homes have lost power - CNBC

30% of Ukraine's power stations destroyed by strikes; Zelenskyy urges troops to take more Russian prisoners - CNBC

CNBC Most Shared Articles

Gasoline prices are expected to continue to fall after Labor Day and some states could see below $3 - CNBC   18k 🔥

Inflation rose 0.1% in August even with sharp drop in gas prices - CNBC   7k 🔥

Payrolls rose 315,000 in August as companies keep hiring - CNBC   7k 🔥

Wholesale prices fell 0.1% in August amid inflation fears - CNBC   4k 🔥

Deutsche Bank CEO warns recession is inevitable, says Germany must cut reliance on China - CNBC   4k 🔥

Elon Musk demands Twitter staff commit to 'long hours' or leave: Read the email   4k 🔥

Georgia breaks first-day early voting record, nearly doubles figure from last midterms - CNBC   3k 🔥

Unemployment rate falls to 3.5% in September, payrolls rise by 263,000 as job market stays strong - CNBC   3k 🔥

CNBC Most Subjective Articles

Confessions of a personal finance reporter (Part Two): 3 more of my worst money mistakes - CNBC

Bob Pisani: How my obsession with a Black Sabbath poster showed how irrational we can be when investing - CNBC

Depression as a marketing tool? When influencers get the mental health conversation wrong - CNBC

FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried backs down from 'dumb quote' about giving $1 billion to political races - CNBC

CNBC Most Fearful Articles

Even as the midterm election results were 'positive for seniors,' some worry about Social Security amid debt ceiling negotiations - CNBC

10-year Treasury yield holds near 4% in volatile trading - CNBC

Nasdaq futures rise for a third day as better-than-expected Netflix results keep tech gains going - CNBC

How top-ranked financial advisors are responding to near-retiree concerns about inflation, longevity - CNBC

CNBC Most Pessimistic Articles

The 'bummer' of the $7,500 electric vehicle tax credit: Its full value may be hard to get - CNBC

Not a good buy: Rent the Runway, exactly one-year after IPO, is down nearly 90%

UK economy is lagging substantially behind other developed nations, OECD report says - CNBC

'This is not going to stop': Pakistan says apocalyptic flooding shows the need for reparations - CNBC

CNBC Most Gossipy Articles

Netflix adds more than 2.4 million subscribers, reveals details about password-sharing crackdown - CNBC

Some corporate leaders are funding Trump-backed election deniers in races for secretary of state, a role that administers elections - CNBC

Schumer says he and Pelosi were 'resolute' about calling in the military to stop 'hooligans' on Jan. 6 - CNBC

CNBC Deleted Articles

FT Diversified Fixed Income ETF 53 CA

CNBC Most Prescriptive Articles

Market sentiment is a mess. CEOs this week will give investors a peek at the latest earnings trends

Chemicals industry warns that rail strike will shut plants and cost economy billions - CNBC

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