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😡 Taylor Swift fans irate at Ticketmaster as huge tour pre-sale demand snarls site

😡 Fact check: Biden falsely claims the most common gas price was over $5 when he took office - CNN

😡 Iran's government accesses the social media accounts of those it detains. Tech companies appear ill-equipped to stop it - CNN

😡 'Maybe we cried too much' over shoplifting, Walgreens exec says

😡 Alex Jones has filed for personal bankruptcy

😡 Manchin erupts at Biden over coal comments - CNN

😡 'He's embarrassing himself': Black men say they feel ignored by politicians. Herschel Walker's candidacy isn't helping

😡 Faucets in McCarthy's district are running dry after years of drought. Constituents want him to do more - CNN

CNN Most Shared Articles

They didn't die in combat, but they lived heroic lives. Remembering the military heroes who died by suicide - CNN   185k 🔥

House passes bill to protect same-sex marriage in landmark vote sending it to Biden - CNN   58k 🔥

WNBA star Brittney Griner released from Russian detention in prisoner swap for convicted arms dealer - CNN   27k 🔥

Federal judge declines to hold Trump in contempt of court   25k 🔥

First on CNN: January 6 committee considers criminal referrals for at least 4 others besides Trump - CNN   20k 🔥

The South Carolina senator has been called to testify in front of an Atlanta grand jury investigating efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election in Georgia   17k 🔥

A federal appeals court has stopped the third-party review of materials seized from former President Trump's Florida estate   14k 🔥

Rep.-elect George Santos admits to lying about resume, says he's 'not a criminal'   14k 🔥

CNN Most Opinionated Articles

Don't let phone notifications stress you out. Here's how - CNN

How strong is the criminal case against Alec Baldwin? - CNN

Biden says Elon Musk's relationship with other countries 'worthy of being looked at'

The essentials list: Isabella Rossellini shares her beauty and style must-haves

CNN Most Oversimplified Articles

😠 Fact check: Trump and viral meme remove key words from Biden's quote about Ukraine and 'World War III'

Brendan Fraser's 7 best roles before his Oscar-nominated turn in 'The Whale' - CNN

Union ranks had a very good 2022. It's not for the reason you think

😠 Republicans are lashing out at DirecTV for supposedly 'censoring' conservative voices. Here's what's really going on - CNN

CNN Most Subjective Articles

Barack Obama shares his favorite movies and books of 2022 - CNN

😡 Live updates: Damar Hamlin in critical condition after cardiac arrest - CNN

A step toward change or traumatizing? The debate over graphic crime scene photos - CNN

Self-checkout annoys customers and helps shoplifters. Stores are adding it anyway

CNN Most Fearful Articles

Russian missile strike sends terrified civilians scrambling to find shelter

CEOs sound alarm bells about economy

2022 ends with looming risk of a new coronavirus variant, health experts warn

Worried about your drinking? Here's how to check it

CNN Most Gossipy Articles

😠 Disgusting mystery shots make Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen gag on live TV - CNN

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex spill some tea in 'Harry & Meghan'

Robert Williams III's powerful dunk blamed for 35-minute delay in NBA game

Paris Hilton releases new version of 'Stars Are Blind' - CNN

CNN Deleted Articles

Special Edition: Midterm election eve

6 AM ET: Trump's test, Fed meeting, asylum flight grounded & more - CNN 5 Things - Podcast on CNN Audio - CNN

George W. Bush's gaffe about invasion of Iraq draws laughter from crowd

Watch: Police use 'Find my iPhone' to track kidnapped child

'Completely brainwashed': Ukraine resident on Russian family

Has the worst of the pandemic passed? Dr. Fauci answers

Earn up to 130,000 bonus points with these Hilton credit card offers

The key to an organized garage? These 20 products under $25

🤗 Refresh your shoe game with 40% off bold styles from Crocs

NYC aims to reduce racial inequities in maternal health care by offering free access to doulas - CNN   5k 🔥

CNN Most Prescriptive Articles

Ex-Russian official who turned on Putin predicts his next moves

Alito and Thomas encourage opponents of gun control laws to keep pressure on the courts

CNN projects Sen. Murkowski and Rep. Peltola will retain their seats in Alaska. Palin is again denied a political comeback   3k 🔥

Burkina Faso's military government demands French troops leave the country within one month

Don't involuntarily reassign licensed practical nurses to replace striking nurses, union warns NYC hospital

Tokyo will require new homes built from 2025 to have solar panels - CNN

Ex-Trump White House lawyer makes prediction about a criminal referral for Trump

91% of colleges don't provide students with the accurate cost, federal agency says - CNN

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