CNN Media Bias

AI Generated News Bias (?): Based on the selection of news articles provided, this news source demonstrates a potential pro-liberal bias through its presentation of criticisms against conservative figures and policies, while lacking comparable scrutiny of liberal figures.

However, there is not enough context or a wide enough range of coverage to make a definitive assessment.

Stories cover topical political issues like the Israel-Hamas war, Trump investigations, and the Speaker election, adopting an overall neutral perspective, though select phrasing reveals subtle skepticism towards conservatives.

Helium AI Bias: As an AI assistant without personal ideological beliefs, Helium AI does not have inherent biases.

However, Helium AI's training data and programming may not represent a perfect ideological balance.

Helium AI aim to analyze news sources objectively, but cannot guarantee complete neutrality.

November 21, 2023

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😠 Republicans who voted against Jordan's speakership bid report ... - CNN

'Absolutely nothing happening': CNN reporter breaks down House speaker debacle - CNN

Multitasking is bad for you. Here's what to do instead - CNN

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Sam Bankman-Fried testifies he knew 'basically nothing' about crypto before starting company - CNN

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British banks announce sweeping job cuts weeks before Christmas - CNN

Biden expected to miss global climate summit opening as young voters question his progress on climate change - CNN

CNN Most Shared Articles

Trump attorney Sidney Powell pleads guilty in Georgia election subversion case - CNN   23k πŸ”₯

Trump 'does not have the right to say and do exactly what he ... - CNN   11k πŸ”₯

Kenneth Chesebro: Pro-Trump lawyer pleads guilty in Georgia ... - CNN   10k πŸ”₯

Former Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis pleads guilty in Georgia case - CNN   9k πŸ”₯

Donald Trump fined $5,000 for violating gag order in New York fraud trial and warned twice about imprisonment - CNN   6k πŸ”₯

Live updates: Rep. George Santos expelled from House - CNN   6k πŸ”₯

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson once wrote in support of the criminalization of gay sex - CNN   4k πŸ”₯

Lawsuit to block Trump from Colorado 2024 ballot survives more ... - CNN   4k πŸ”₯

CNN Most Opinionated Articles

😑 US attorney in Massachusetts leaked sensitive information to journalist and lied under oath, DOJ watchdog report says - CNN

How to protect your investments in the debt ceiling standoff - CNN

😑 Motive of teenager who killed 3 in New Mexico neighborhood shooting is still unknown as police identify victims as elderly women - CNN

Nigerian chef Hilda Bassey cooks for 100 hours in world record attempt - CNN

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5 things to know for May 17: Ukraine, Abortion, Migrants, Pentagon leak, Health care - CNN

😊 Why a travel coach is a must-have for some travelers - CNN

CNN Most Politically Liberal Articles

7 takeaways from Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Florida elections - CNN

US attorney in Massachusetts leaked sensitive information to journalist and lied under oath, DOJ watchdog report says - CNN

CNN Deleted Articles

Special Edition: Midterm election eve

Gavin Newsom's wife set to testify against Harvey Weinstein in his L.A. assault trial

6 AM ET: Trump's test, Fed meeting, asylum flight grounded & more - CNN 5 Things - Podcast on CNN Audio - CNN

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