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AI Generated News Bias (?): This source appears to be CoinDesk, a news platform focusing on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

The selected articles cover a wide range of topics within the cryptocurrency sector, such as price trends, company developments, and legal issues.

Having a strong focus on a specific subject matter doesn't inherently mean the source is biased [Coin Desk]. CoinDesk doesn't overtly favor any political entity or adopt a clear ideological stance from the articles presented.

However, there's implicit bias in the selection and presentation of news.

It's largely pro-cryptocurrency and pro-blockchain, often showcasing the benefits and innovations within the sector (such as Lightning integration with Coinbase [Coin Desk], asset managers attempting to register an Ethereum spot ETF [Coin Desk]).

Critical or negative news about the sector (e.g., the bankruptcy of FTX [Coin Desk] and Binance layoffs [Coin Desk]) likewise get coverage without overly negative commentary, suggesting a more neutral tone.

AI Bias: As an AI language model, Helium AI was trained on diverse data across the internet but do not have individual or personal biases, emotions, or opinions.

September 16, 2023

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Coin Desk Most Shared Articles

Coinbase Finally Wins Approval to List Crypto Futures in U.S. - CoinDesk

Barbie's Margot Robbie Has a Take on Bitcoin, Says It's a Ken Thing

Coinbase Beats Analyst Estimates for Q2, but Transaction Revenue Falls

PayPal to Issue Dollar-Pegged Crypto Stablecoin Based on Ethereum

Tiny Bitcoin ATM Firm Plans to Fight Giant Swiss Regulator in David vs Goliath Battle

Curve Offers Hackers 10% Bounty in Exchange for Return of Crypto

Robinhood Crypto Revenue Fell 18% Sequentially to $31M in Q2

Crypto Lender Exactly Hit by $12M Bridge Exploit - CoinDesk

Coin Desk Most Begging The Question Articles

Is This Finally an Atomic Bomb From the SEC?

That Binance Suit Sure Seems Bigger Than Just a CFTC Case

Metaverse Fashion Is on the Rise, but for Whom?

Biden Administration Is Politicizing Crypto

Coin Desk Most Opinionated Articles

DLT-Powered Financial Markets Could Save $100B Per Year, TradFi Study Says - CoinDesk

😡 BlockFi Creditors Say Crypto Lender Was a Victim of Bad Management - CoinDesk

The New Crypto Cycle Will Be About Ether Yields: Bernstein - CoinDesk

Bitcoin-Ether Correlation Weakest Since 2021, Hints at Regime Change in Crypto Market - CoinDesk

Coin Desk Most Appeal to Authority Articles

FDIC Gives Deadline of Next Week for Crypto Depositors Stranded by Signature Failure

Binance Users in China, Elsewhere, Evade KYC Controls With Help of 'Angels': CNBC

SEC Chairman Gensler Suggests Again That Proof-of-Stake Tokens Are Securities: Report

Is This Finally an Atomic Bomb From the SEC?

Coin Desk Most Subjective Articles

Biden Administration Is Politicizing Crypto

😠 This Crisis Will Define the Future of Money

Binance Users in China, Elsewhere, Evade KYC Controls With Help of 'Angels': CNBC

Embattled Crypto Lender Celsius Allocates $25M for Withdrawals, Burns $500M in WBTC

Coin Desk Most Fearful Articles

😠 This Crisis Will Define the Future of Money

Brian Brooks: U.S. Government Using Crisis to Choke Off Crypto Access to Banks

Is This Finally an Atomic Bomb From the SEC?

First Mover Asia: Bitcoin Hits 3-Week Low, Lingers Near $21.7K Amid Ongoing Inflation Concerns

Coin Desk Deleted Articles

Webinar: How Brands Are Winning With Web3

Introducing the Consensus Blog

Institutional Investors Retreat from Crypto After FTX Collapse

Binance Launches Payments Service for US Customers

How Big Brands Use Web3 & Blockchain Technology for Marketing - CoinDesk

Ethereum and the Modern Crypto Economy: Uniswap, Etheria and The DAO - CoinDesk

First Mover Asia: Crypto Platform Freeway's Lack of Transparency Should Have Been a Red Flag

Coin Desk Most Prescriptive Articles    

Aave Token Holders Voting on 2 Proposals Following Averted Curve Liquidation Crisis

DYdX Proposal to Slash Token Issuance Wins Early Support

Synthetix Posts 12.5% Gain Amid Binance Outflows, Bucks Bearish Bitcoin Trend - CoinDesk

SEC Likely to Approve Several Spot ETFs, Sparking Next Bitcoin Rally: Matrixport

Spooked by Curve Liquidation Threat, DeFi Protocols Shore Up Defenses

Crypto Firm LBRY to Challenge Ruling It Violated U.S. Securities Law - CoinDesk

PayPal to Issue Dollar-Pegged Crypto Stablecoin Based on Ethereum

Struggling Crypto Custodian Prime Trust Looks Poised for Potentially Massive Layoffs, Sources Say

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