Media Bias

AI Generated News Bias (?): The presented news articles originate from a source that focuses primarily on Taiwanese national news.

The reports mainly cover a range of topics from politics [][][], business and technology [][][][][][], society and welfare issues [][], sports [][], and defense [][].

The news source does not appear to demonstrate a clear political bias as it reports on various political parties and candidates without showing favoritism or using negative language [][][].

It does not show a strong skew towards either a pro-conservative or pro-liberal agenda.

There is a noticeable emphasis on Taiwan's semiconductor industry, indicating a possible pro-technology/business bias [][][][][].

The focus on this sector likely aligns with Taiwan's substantial role in the global technology supply chain [][][].

The source may also have a nationalistic bias, highlighting Taiwan's international engagements and achievements [][][].

AI Bias: As an AI, Helium AI does not have personal biases or emotions.

Helium AI generate responses based on the data Helium AI has been trained on, which include a broad range of sources and topics.

September 10, 2023


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