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May 20, 2023

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Haaretz Most Emotional Articles

😡 Disgraced former New York governor Cuomo to form 'Progressives for Israel' advocacy group

😡 Israel assassinates three senior Islamic Jihad commanders in Gaza Strip strikes

Haaretz Most Shared Articles

😡 Disgraced former New York governor Cuomo to form 'Progressives for Israel' advocacy group

Israeli soldiers vandalize disabled Palestinian woman's car

😡 Israel assassinates three senior Islamic Jihad commanders in Gaza Strip strikes

Barbra Streisand to receive 'Jewish Nobel' in L.A. instead of Jerusalem

Haaretz Most Begging The Question Articles

Why Israel is shielding Elon Musk from accusations of antisemitism

Why is Netanyahu setting U.S.-Israel relations on fire?

In the battle over Israeli democracy, "compromise" is the biggest fallacy

Netanyahu knows he will face public criticism in Berlin, so what's his objective?

Haaretz Most Opinionated Articles

Senior Israeli minister: Saudi Crown Prince MBS is a 'revolutionary, bold leader'

Desperate for normality, Israelis find solace in an unusual whiskered tourist

Islamic Jihad Leader: Israel's claims of repeatedly quitting Ceasefire talks are false

As Haredi parties' demand budget increase, their pupils already outpace secular in funding

Haaretz Most Appeal to Authority Articles

'Hate speech': CUNY chancellor condemns anti-Israel law school graduation speech

Palestinians push for criminal investigation of Israeli ministers over revival of Homesh

Israeli gov't introduces bills to advance West Bank annexation, hamper academic freedom

Israel's 'antisemitism tsar' endorses debunked Soros-Iran smears

Haaretz Most Subjective Articles

Netanyahu sold Israel's soul to the devil and his coalition keeps plundering

Fighting for freedom in Russia, one letter at a time

Can you tell what's wrong with this photo, taken at an Israeli pharmacy chain?

Israel's assassination policy seeks to minimize civilian casualties. Reality is different

Haaretz Most Fearful Articles

Netanyahu on trial: PM and wife project panic ahead of Hollywood producer's testimony

Palestinians warn of broad economic crisis in Gaza if World Food Program terminated

Israel Police to keep using sound cannon at protests despite concerns by medical experts

Putin's nukes: Once again, the West may be downplaying danger

Haaretz Most Gossipy Articles

As Netanyahu fixates on judicial coup, Israel's right-wing gov't struggles to legislate

Who will succeed Rabbi Edelstein as next leader of the non-Hasidic Haredim?

Israeli education minister accused of creating a 'submissive' academia

The questions still rocking a capsized boat full of Israeli and Italian spies

Haaretz Most Prescriptive Articles    

Ayman Odeh, leader of Arab Jewish party, says he won't run for next Knesset term

Israel's Ben-Gvir says police commissioner should obey his orders

Israel police chief instructs senior commanders not to speak directly with Ben-Gvir

In London, Netanyahu makes clear his determination to control judicial appointments

Far-right Ben-Gvir orders to cease Voice of Palestine radio broadcasts in Israel

Former top Israeli cops call on Netanyahu to fire far-right minister Ben-Gvir

In firing Gallant, Netanyahu proved he puts his own fate over Israel's national security

U.S. embassy protesters demand Biden pressure Israeli gov't to halt judicial overhaul

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