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Sensationalism (?): 10

Social Media Impact (?): 4179

Prescription Bias (?): 0

NBC Most Emotional Articles

Swastika-wearing gunman kills 15, wounds 24 in school shooting in Russia - NBC News

Family Dollar recalls Colgate products after improper storage - NBC News

Trump supporter who flew on private jet to Jan. 6 riot and threw media equipment outside the Capitol pleads guilty - NBC News

Trump fan who assaulted police with Trump flag, billboard on Jan. 6 gets over 3.5 years in prison - NBC News

Michigan man fatally shot by police after he killed his wife; his daughter blames incident on QAnon conspiracy theory - NBC News

Dozens of buildings burn as gusty winds fan California wildfire - NBC News

A soldier dismissed from the Army allegedly said he enlisted to become 'more proficient in killing' Black people - NBC News

Trump supporter who called Capitol cops 'weasels' on Jan. 6 sentenced to prison - NBC News

Federal civil rights charges won't be filed against a Kansas police officer who killed teenage driver - NBC News

Three contentious Democratic House primaries to watch in New York - NBC News

NBC Most Shared Articles

How the abortion vote in Kansas may determine the future right in the state - NBC News   67k 🔥

Mary Peltola defeats Sarah Palin in special election to become first Native American representing Alaska in Congress, NBC News projects - NBC News   31k 🔥

Brian Kemp must testify in Trump election interference probe, Georgia judge rules - NBC News   25k 🔥

Steve Bannon indicted on charges in 'We Build the Wall' fraud case - NBC News   18k 🔥

Poll: Abortion, Trump boost midterm prospects for Democrats - NBC News   17k 🔥

Trump fan who assaulted police with Trump flag, billboard on Jan. 6 gets over 3.5 years in prison - NBC News   14k 🔥

DOJ To Appeal Special Master Ruling, Arguing Classified Documents Aren't Trump's 'Personal Records'   14k 🔥

Ginni Thomas told Jan. 6 committee she still believes the election was stolen, chair says - NBC News   13k 🔥

GOP state senator in Colorado switches parties, cites election conspiracy theories - NBC News   11k 🔥

Trump shares barrage of QAnon content and other conspiracy theories on his social media platform - NBC News   10k 🔥

NBC Most Prescriptive Articles

Nine days after Mar-a-Lago search, FBI agents are still sifting through Trump documents - NBC News   1k 🔥

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