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'Today I am 50': Jonny Lee Miller celebrates his 50th birthday with a throwback snap

What caused DeVante Parker's sideline spat with Troy Brown in Patriots-Browns - NBC Sports Boston

Why Steve Young says 49ers shouldn't fear Cardinals in NFC West - NBC Sports

49ers overreactions: Is Kyle Shanahan NFL's most conservative play caller? - NBC Sports

NBC Sports Most Pessimistic Articles

New Twitter verification process creates chaos with report from fake Adam Schefter account - NBC Sports

The weekend forecast is getting no better for Browns-Bills - NBC Sports

Fury as food menu for VIPs jetting to Cop27 features beef, chicken, fish and dairy products - along with bottomless cocktails for $125 - amid calls from eco-activists to cut ...

'Today I am 50': Jonny Lee Miller celebrates his 50th birthday with a throwback snap

NBC Sports Most Gossipy Articles

Cindy Crawford's son Presley Gerber has a passionate kiss with new girlfriend on a walk in Manhattan

NFL rumors: 49ers target Odell Beckham Jr. wants to sign by end of November - NBC Sports

Emma Thompson's daughter Gaia Wise packs on the PDA with actor boyfriend Basil Eidenbenz

Dying for a change? How a 23-year-old Belgian woman's decision to end her own life while battling depression after surviving ISIS suicide bomb has triggered a scandal in global ...

NBC Sports Most Prescriptive Articles

SNP MP John Nicolson is applauded Youth MPs as he speaks of being first gay BBC One presenter

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