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AI Generated News Bias (?): This news source appears to have a bias towards progressive policies, with headlines that criticize government inaction, support free speech, and advocate for social justice. It also appears to be critical of conservative policies, such as the Jones Act and tough-on-crime initiatives.

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Reason Most Emotional Articles

The Government Should Be Pro-Market, Not 'Pro-Business'

American Elections Are a Mess, and They Always Have Been

Throwing Money at the IRS Won't Fix Its Problems

Should Free-Speech Absolutists Defend Vandalism of Precious Artwork?

'A Pretty Scary Moment': Dissident Chinese Students Say George Washington University Is Failing Them

Americans Are Losing Their Work Ethic

Declining Faith in Both Capitalism and Socialism Leaves ā€¦ What?

A Top-Ranked High School Got Rid of Merit-Based Admissions. Then Students' Grades Tanked.

Reason Most Shared Articles

'Flagrantly Illegal': Law Firm Files Lawsuit To Stop Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness   1k šŸ”„

Rising Grocery Prices Pushed Annual Inflation to 8.3 Percent in August   1k šŸ”„

Don't Blame Migrants and 'Open Borders' for Fentanyl Entering the Country

For Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Political Stunts Are More Important Than Substance

Biden's Marijuana Pardons Did Not Free a Single Federal Prisoner or Deliver the Expungement He Promised

The Press Idolizes Politicians. Instead, It Needs To Hold Them Accountable.

Texas Roofer Arrested in Florida for Helping Hurricane Victims

The Political Class Has Consistently Ignored Warnings of Fiscal Doom. Now Americans Are Paying the Price.

Reason Most Subjective Articles

Biden's Support for COVID Protests Hinges on What Country They're in

Biden Mistakenly Imagines That Congress Approved His Student Debt Cancellation Scheme

The Paranoid Style in Gun Control Politics

That Fuzzy Blob Is Not a UFO

Reason Most Pessimistic Articles

The Paranoid Style in Gun Control Politics

Iran Attempted To Use the World Cup To Stoke Nationalist Pride

New Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Will Probably Disappoint Fans of Free Markets

Chase Oliver, Georgia Senate Race Spoiler: 'You Can't Spoil What's Already Rotten'

Reason Most Gossipy Articles

Don't Believe the People Blaming Crime on Defunded Police

Reports of Facebook's Immortality Are Greatly Exaggerated

The Paranoid Style in Gun Control Politics

Somebody in the Shipping Industry Wants Opponents of the Jones Act Charged with Treason

Reason Most Prescriptive Articles

Biden Administration Asks Supreme Court to Lift Injunction Blocking their Massive Loan Forgiveness Program

A North Carolina Man Was Jailed for Refusing To Wear a Mask in Court

Don't Weaponize Child Abuse Hotlines Against Your Political Opponents

Sanctions for Lawyer's Plagiarism of Opposing Side's Motion

Maryland Becomes the 20th State To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Some Arizona Republicans Are Refusing To Certify an Election. Is Congress Paying Attention?

This Election Day, Listen to the Betting Market Instead of Pundit Predictions

Tough-on-Crime Cash Bail Initiatives Win in Ohio and Alabama

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