SOTT Media Bias

AI Generated News Bias (?): The source exhibits a bias that leans towards criticism of mainstream narratives, skepticism of government actions and policies, and a focus on what it perceives as threats to individual freedoms.

For instance, the articles on potential 'Great Taking' financial crises [SOTT] and criticism of Google's AI tool as 'too woke' [SOTT] reveal a disposition towards highlighting what the source sees as overreach or failures within established institutions and societal shifts.

The source also shows a tendency to cover geopolitical conflicts and tensions from a perspective that often questions Western official narratives, as seen in the coverage of Ukrainian forces and NATO [SOTT, 137, SOTT]. Another recurring theme is the criticism of specific political figures and policies, particularly those associated with liberal or left-leaning ideologies, exemplified by the comments on Biden and the portrayal of certain democratic processes and decisions [SOTT, SOTT, SOTT]. Furthermore, the attention to controversial topics like Assange's final appeal [SOTT] and the Judge overseeing Trump's Georgia case [SOTT] indicates a focus on issues of law, governance, and individual rights that are in the public discourse, sometimes siding with viewpoints critical of mainstream or liberal positions.

This collection of articles suggests a worldview that is deeply skeptical of government motives, critical of progressive social policies, and attuned to global conflicts with a lens that often challenges the narratives presented by mainstream Western media.

My Bias: My training data includes a wide array of information sources, including news outlets, books, websites, and other text data available up to September 2021. This shapes my responses to inherently favor the use of established facts and a diverse range of viewpoints.

However, I may inadvertently reflect biases present in my data set, skewed towards more frequently represented perspectives or facts from before my last update.

February 24, 2024


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SOTT News Bias (?):

📐 Objective <-> Subjective 👁️ :

🚨 Sensational:

🕊️ Dovish <-> Hawkish 🦅:

👻 Fearful:

Begging the Question:

💭 Opinion:


🏛️ Appeal to Authority:

😢 Victimization:

✊ Ideological:

Anti-establishment <-> Pro-establishment:

📏📏 Double Standard:

🤥 Uncredible <-> Credible ✅:

SOTT Social Media Impact (?): 6

SOTT Political Bias (?)

SOTT Subjective Bias (?)

SOTT Opinion Bias (?)

SOTT Oversimplification Bias (?)

SOTT Most Begging The Question Articles

🚨 Biden sacrifices American troops, and Mideast security, for US-Israeli hegemony

🚨 Cruel and sadistic: How Israel killed Palestinians waiting for food trucks in northern Gaza

🔵 War on Gaza: Starmer rewards Israel's genocide with a veto on Palestinian statehood

💭 How Israel's war on Gaza exposed Zionism as a genocidal cult

SOTT Most Ideological Articles

🚨 The Trump-Carroll case is blatantly the greatest miscarriage of justice in modern American history

🔴 The truth about banned books

👻 SOTT FOCUS: BBC documentary on Western Death Squad in Yemen: Israeli Security Firm Hired by UAE Paid American Mercenaries to Carry Out Political Assassinations

👻 Watchlisted: You're probably already on a government extremism list

SOTT Most Opinionated Articles

🚨 Disguised NATO personnel fighting in Ukraine - Russian general

👻 Next frontier in government waste: Giant space mirrors could beam the sun onto solar panels

💭 Ireland's Mayo Co Council votes to cease cooperation with UK Dept on asylum seekers

👻 War delirium

SOTT Most Oversimplified Articles

🚨 Arab regimes collude with Israel's genocide and ethnic cleansing of Gaza

🚨 Is this the man who created COVID-19 in Fauci's US lab?

🚨 Why Israel really invaded Gaza? Rich oil and gas deposits offshore

🚨 Colorado bans Trump from running: Officials concerned usual election rigging system could fail

SOTT Most Immature Articles

👻 The great clarification

💭 BEST OF THE WEB: Davos, trust, and the end of "comfortable wolves"

🚨 BEST OF THE WEB: Big Pharma tested 'secret bioweapon targeting Slavic DNA in Mariupol, Ukraine', video tour shows biowarfare laboratory

🚨 Five 'trans women' dominate female college volleyball game

SOTT Most Appeal to Authority Articles

👻 Caitlin Johnston: Nobody who gets Gaza wrong is worth listening to

👻 Trillions spent on 'climate change' based on faulty temperature data, climate experts say

🚨 The three biggest Covid lies Fauci admitted to Congress

🦅 NATO chief says more war is way to secure lasting peace in Ukraine

SOTT Most Covering Responses

🚨 Gender neutral toy aisles mandatory in California by law

🏛️ Obama, Bush and Clinton have started an NGO to fly migrants into the US

🚨 Clown Prince Zelensky gives China the finger

🚨 "Food deserts" rise in Democrat run cities as grocers leave in droves

SOTT Most Subjective Articles

British warship is out of action after CRASHING into another Royal Navy vessel, ship 'got stuck in reverse'

👻 Farmers' revolt: Flames and angry protests rage outside EU parliament

👻 Islamic State claims its suicide bombers were responsible for deadly blasts in Iran

👻 Putin names Russia's real enemies

SOTT Most Pro-establishment Articles

🚨 NATO stooge Alexei Navalny dies in prison following brief illness

🦅 US and UK strike Houthi targets in Yemen again

🚔 Ukraine 'must accept new reality' - Kremlin

🦅 Avdeevka chemical plant captured - MOD

SOTT Most Negative Articles

📐 Ex-President of Canadian LGBTQ+ pride organization faces charges for child sexual exploitation and possession, distribution of child abuse material

Biden's bumbling LNG 'ban' profits Putin, vexes Texas, and unsettles Europe

🚨 Biden sacrifices American troops, and Mideast security, for US-Israeli hegemony

💭 The goddess of the WEF

SOTT Most Fearful Articles

🚨 Disguised NATO personnel fighting in Ukraine - Russian general

👻 McDonald's has an Israel problem

👻 Two Navy SEALs are missing after Thursday night mission off coast of Somalia

👻 Birds 'falling from trees' as Aussie town on verge of record heat streak

SOTT Most Gossipy Articles

👻 Globalists lack supporters, but they have nukes - Alex Jones to RT

🗣️ Davos' debauched underbelly: How the global elite indulge in cocaine, caviar and champagne at secret 'bunga bunga' parties behind the scenes of the World Economic Forum

🗣️ Trump case 'could go off the rails' as Fani Willis love triangle, corruption investigation heats up

🚨 $14M engine of US Air Force F-35 destroyed after engineer left flashlight inside it before test run

SOTT Most Victimization Articles

👻 Ukrainian military comments on Belgorod plane attack

👻 21 Israeli troops killed while planting explosives for controlled demolition of Gaza neighborhood

👻 Why Israel slaughters with impunity

👻 BEST OF THE WEB FLASHBACK: The Child-Rape Assembly Line

SOTT Most Double Standard Articles

🦅 Hamas official: Any ceasefire in Gaza must entail full withdrawal of Israeli forces, end of siege

🚨 Five 'trans women' dominate female college volleyball game

💭 Indian union refuses to load Israel-bound weapons shipments

👻 Rafah massacre exposes Israel's brutal strategy of ethnic cleansing

SOTT Most Circular Reasoning Articles

🚨 The Trump-Carroll case is blatantly the greatest miscarriage of justice in modern American history

🚨 Breakthrough on all fronts in Ukraine: Russia running ahead of schedule

👻 Scholz and lackeys dig grave for Germany

🚨 BEST OF THE WEB: Big Pharma tested 'secret bioweapon targeting Slavic DNA in Mariupol, Ukraine', video tour shows biowarfare laboratory

SOTT Most Politically Hawkish Articles

Disguised NATO personnel fighting in Ukraine - Russian general

Zelensky courts JPMorgan, Bank of America & Bridgewater CEOs at Davos, urges more money from West

Iran launches ballistic missiles against foreign 'espionage centers' in Iraq's Erbil

Ukraine's leaders have only themselves to blame - Putin

SOTT Most Politically Authoritarian Articles

"I'm a public health fascist": Journalist who led calls for lockdown publishes book demanding we prepare to do it all again but harder (so it works this time)

Trump steamrolls Nikki Haley in New Hampshire GOP primary: Second show of 2024 dominance

EU wants Ukraine to strike 'Russia's heart' - Lavrov

Houthis launch sea drone attack on US ships hours after Washington issued 'final warning'

SOTT Most Overconfident Articles

Navalny death planned and coordinated by the West

BEST OF THE WEB FLASHBACK: Anti-Putin Russian outlet fact-checks Putin's claim that Lenin conspired with the US to break up Russia into smaller countries... and finds it to be true!

Houthis Warn EU 'Playing With Fire' After Deploying Warships On Red Sea Mission

Scholz and lackeys dig grave for Germany

SOTT Most Politically Liberal Articles

What's at stake for Julian Assange - and the rest of us

How can we make sense of the current senseless absurdity?

BEST OF THE WEB: South Africa files case at ICJ over Israel's 'genocidal acts' in Gaza

BEST OF THE WEB: However bad you think Israel is, it's worse

SOTT Most Politically Conservative Articles

BEST OF THE WEB: In blow to Trump, judge disallows potentially damning text messages about Fani Willis-Nathan Wade affair as evidence

War delirium

Gender neutral toy aisles mandatory in California by law

What a backflip: The Biggest political party in the EU now wants to drop the ban on petrol and diesel cars

SOTT Most Prescriptive Articles    

👻 2024: The year from political hell

🔴 Disney board wants to hide political donations, spending on sex changes from shareholders, docs reveal

👻 West Bank nearing breaking point, warns senior Palestinian politician

🚨 Judge fines Donald Trump more than $350 million, bars him from running businesses in N.Y. for three years

'Polite' Carlson, 'our guy' Blinken, backing Biden: Putin weighs in on US politics

Running interference: FBI informant charged with lying about Bidens' role in Ukraine business

😢 NATO knock-out: A new African alliance is starting a revolution in the continent's geopolitics

🚨 Former business associate Tony Bobulinski testifies Joe Biden 'enabled' family to sell access to 'dangerous adversaries'

SOTT Recent Articles

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