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May 20, 2023

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Texas Tribune Most Begging The Question Articles

Conspiracy theory whirlwind threatens to blow Texas out of national program that keeps voter rolls updated

Chinese Americans fight for their place in Texas as lawmakers push restrictions on foreign land ownership, social media platforms

Gov. Greg Abbott is turning up the pressure on passing school choice. Will it pay off?

Trump rallying in Waco on Saturday as anticipation mounts over potential indictment

Texas Tribune Most Opinionated Articles

Gun safety advocates see signs of progress in first session after Uvalde shooting even though raise-the-age bill stalled

8-year-old girl dies while in federal custody on the border

Texas House moves to crack down on polluters with stricter penalties and heavier oversight

Texas Republicans want to shield oil and gas from federal climate regulations. Their bill would have little impact, experts say.

Texas Tribune Most Appeal to Authority Articles

Ken Paxton updates: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott remains silent on potential AG impeachment

After a two-year pause, feds give Texas the go-ahead to resume a major Houston highway expansion

Texas Tribune Most Subjective Articles

House advances bill that could provide billions of dollars for new water projects and fixing aging infrastructure

Listen: Through art, keepsakes and advocacy, families are making sure the 21 Uvalde victims are not forgotten

Limited trans athlete bans in competitive sports would be allowed under proposed Biden administration policy

No teacher raises, no vouchers: Lawmakers fail to reach compromise on school funding bill

Texas Tribune Most Fearful Articles

Texas will create new database to screen child care workers after alleged abuse, expands mandatory reporting requirements

Trump rallying in Waco on Saturday as anticipation mounts over potential indictment

Texas Tribune Most Prescriptive Articles    

Texas bill requiring 10-year prison sentences for gun felonies faces opposition from criminal justice and firearm advocates

House approves bill capping what Texas consumers would pay for new tool to boost power plants

Texas Senate again advances proposed restrictions on lessons about gender identity and sexual orientation

House panel set to advance biennial Texas budget with property tax cuts, teacher pay raises

Performers, business owners and parents voice opposition to drag show restrictions at Texas Senate committee hearing

U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is running for Houston mayor

Trump rallying in Waco on Saturday as anticipation mounts over potential indictment

Uvalde district attorney fights release of public records against wishes of most families

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