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Kinzinger says Pence can't please both Trump supporters, haters

Cassidy Hutchinson: Trump told Meadows 'this is embarrassing,' 'I don't want people to know that we lost'

Transgender Colorado lawmaker: Nightclub shooting the result of repeated 'tropes, insults, and misinformation'

Texas secretary of state: Alex Jones 'unleashed hell on our election people'

Pelosi mourns 'senseless slaughter' at LGBTQ nightclub

GOP acrimony spills over at heated Senate lunch

Lawyer refused Trump instructions to tell Archives all documents returned

Tensions rise amid frustration over mystery Manchin deal - The Hill

The Hill Most Shared Articles

Biden signs bill eliminating civil statute of limitations for child sex abuse victims   8k 🔥

House passes bill seeking to protect federal civil service employees from Trump - The Hill   8k 🔥

Federal appeals court temporarily blocks Biden student loan forgiveness program   8k 🔥

Jan. 6 rioter sentenced to 86 months for assaulting DC officer Fanone   7k 🔥

DOJ requests expedited appeal of Trump special master appointment - The Hill   6k 🔥

Sanders offers blistering condemnation of Saudi Arabia, calls for US troop withdrawal - The Hill   6k 🔥

Judge denies Oath Keepers leader's request for special master ahead of seditious conspiracy trial   6k 🔥

DeSantis says two flights he chartered 'just the beginning' of efforts to relocate migrants   5k 🔥

The Hill Most Subjective Articles

Trump attack leaves GOP wondering if he cares about Senate majority - The Hill

Budd widens lead over Beasley in North Carolina Senate race: poll - The Hill

Five takeaways from the Abrams-Kemp debate in Georgia - The Hill

Trump blames McConnell for GOP election losses: 'He blew the midterms'

The Hill Most Pessimistic Articles

'#RIPTwitter' trends as users await site's potential collapse

What to know about seasonal depression as the cold and dark set in

Austin warns Russian war on Ukraine could lead to a 'dangerous spiral of nuclear proliferation'

Judges appear skeptical of Trump special master appointment

The Hill Deleted Articles

Cryptocurrency volatility pressures lawmakers to regulate the market - The Hill

Will Smith hits Chris Rock at Oscars after joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith   5k 🔥

Scott says his plan could change after McConnell rebuke

The Hill Most Prescriptive Articles

States with abortion access have lower gender pay gap than states where abortion is restricted or illegal

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