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Ukraine: Amnesty International head in Ukraine quits over report - USA TODAY

Man whose said his camper, home were damaged over Trump flag charged - USA TODAY

White House cancels 3 planned off-shore oil and gas leases - USA TODAY

'Hundreds' injured, trapped in battered Mariupol steel plant; Russian assault on Donbas behind schedule: Live Ukraine updates - USA TODAY

Biden's Summit of the Americas gets off to rocky start with Mexico's boycott. What to expect. - USA TODAY

A third American citizen may be missing in Ukraine; Russia expected Kyiv to fall in 12 hours, Ukraine defense minister says: Live updates - USA TODAY

'I can’t believe we survived': Mariupol evacuation underway; Russia may try to abduct officials and others. Live Ukraine updates. - USA TODAY

Capitol Police arrest 17 members of Congress at abortion rights protest near Supreme Court - USA TODAY

Ukraine updates: Mariupol theater bombing a war crime, Amnesty says - USA TODAY

Feds rest in Steve Bannon contempt case. Jan. 6 committee repeatedly warned of possible prosecution

USA Today Most Shared Articles

Monkeypox: Concerned Biden says spread would be consequential - USA TODAY   12k 🔥

Man whose said his camper, home were damaged over Trump flag charged - USA TODAY   2k 🔥

Joe Manchin sounds the alarm on 'inflation fire' amid budget talks - USA TODAY   2k 🔥

Georgia grand jury seated in probe over Donald Trump, 2020 election   2k 🔥

Jan. 6 committee hearings: Why Americans say they tuned in to watch - USA TODAY   1k 🔥

Trump allies Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman to face Georgia grand jury - USA TODAY   1k 🔥

Captured US military veterans may face death penalty; Ben Stiller meets 'hero' Zelenskyy: Live Ukraine updates - USA TODAY   1k 🔥

Ted Cruz says Supreme Court was 'clearly wrong' with 2015 same-sex marriage ruling - USA TODAY   1k 🔥

Josh Hawley called transphobic by law professor in Senate hearing - USA TODAY   1k 🔥

Biden approval at 39% as nearly half of Americans 'strongly' disapprove - USA TODAY   1k 🔥

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