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AI Generated News Bias (?): Here is a summary of the key points and analysis of the news articles: [Helium-63] 'The Fall of the House of Usher' Recaps: The series premiere introduces the Usher family and their pharmaceutical company.

Subsequent episodes chronicle Roderick Usher narrating the family's downfall to investigator Dupin, including his mother's affair, his marriage to Annabel, and his siblings' deaths.

The show adapts several Poe stories into the Gothic tale. [Vulture-61] More 'Fall of the House of Usher' and 'Moonlighting' Recaps: Later Usher episodes cover more family deaths, including Perry and Frederick's demise.

The Moonlighting recap highlights the show's genre-blending style and fuzzy romantic chemistry between Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis. [Vulture-59] Additional 'Fall of the House of Usher' Recaps: These recaps describe more family tragedies, including Madeline's Egyptian ritualistic murder by Roderick and Frederick being tortured and murdered.

The show nears its conclusion as the house falls. [Vulture] 'The Golden Bachelor' Recap: The women compete in challenges to win alone time with the bachelor.

Frontrunners emerge, like Theresa and Nancy. [Vulture] 'Southern Charm' Recap: The episode deals with the fallout of Austen's revelation about kissing Taylor.

Craig makes gluten-free lasagna. [Vulture] 'Bachelor in Paradise' Recap: Tanner explores connections with multiple women, upsetting Kat. Davia and Tanner's date creates drama. [Vulture] 'House of Villains' Recap: The episode sees the eviction of Jax Taylor.

Omarosa and Corinne remain targets. [Vulture] NYCC Trailers: Trailers debuted for new Dragon Ball, Walking Dead, Godzilla, and Strangers installments. [Vulture] 'SNL' Recap: Pete Davidson hosted and performed an 'I'm Just Pete' parody song. [Vulture] 'SNL' Recap: Davidson addressed current events in his monologue.

Ego Nwodim appeared as Jada Pinkett Smith. [Vulture] 'Love Is Blind' Recap: The reunion addressed the married couples first before bringing in more dramatic former cast members. [Vulture] 'Real Housewives of NYC' Recap: The finale covers Guerdy's cancer diagnosis.

There is a party confrontation between Jessel and Sai. [Vulture] ‘The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon’ Finale Recap: Daryl ties up loose ends in France, confronting the woman experimenting on zombies.

He visits his grandfather's Normandy grave. [Vulture] ‘American Fiction’ Trailer: The film satirizes stereotypical "urban" Black stories.

Jeffrey Wright plays a writer who pens an over-the-top "street" novel. [Vulture] 'Below Deck Mediterranean' Recap: The episode focuses on Max's issues with the deck team and Natalya's long-distance relationship problems. [Vulture] ‘In Passages, the Backs Tell a Story’: The article analyzes how the film Passages uses shots of characters' backs to convey emotion and advance the narrative. [Vulture] ‘The Changeling’ Finale Explained: The finale provides some answers about the Kinder Garten conspiracy but leaves the central mystery unresolved. [Vulture] Martin Scorsese Can't Stop Praising Lily Gladstone: Scorsese has repeatedly raved about Gladstone's performance in his new film Killers of the Flower Moon. [Vulture] ‘Fall of the House of Usher’ Ranked Kills: The recaps rank the various Usher family deaths from least to most inventive.

Roderick's death is considered too quick. [Vulture] Maren Morris and Husband Ryan Hurd Separate: Country singers Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd have reportedly separated after 5 years of marriage. [Vulture] ‘The Changeling’ Finale Explained: The finale reveals details about the Kinder Garten conspiracy but leaves central mysteries like who actually killed the daughter unresolved. [Vulture] ‘AHS: NYC’ Recap: The episode explores Mrs. Preecher's backstory, showing how she gave up her child for fame and later turned to killing. [Vulture] 13 Great Horror Movies That Take Place During the Day: Despite horror's association with darkness, daylight can be just as scary.

Films like The Birds prove this. [Vulture] ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Recap: Relationships shake up as new connections form.

Tanner breaks up with Kat, leading to a meltdown. [Vulture] ‘House of Villains’ Recap: Danielle Staub enters the villain house.

Omarosa continues targeting Corinne and Jax. [Vulture] ‘GBBO’ Recap: The bakers tackle pies.

Dana, Christy, Matty, and Nicky struggle with hot water crust in the signature challenge. [Vulture] ‘Lessons in Chemistry’ Recap: The episode focuses on dog Six Thirty's perspective on chemist Elizabeth's life after Calvin's death. [Vulture] ‘Gen V’ Recap: Marie helps expose Godolkin's experiments, but the action unleashes dangerous subjects onto campus. [Vulture] Best ‘Ologies’ Episode: The 'Dendrology' episode highlights host Alie Ward's sense of curiosity and wit regarding scientific topics. [Vulture] Best 'Frasier' Episodes: The recap lists standout Chandler Bing episodes of 'Friends' featuring Perry's comedic talents. [Vulture] Green Day 2024 Tour: Green Day announced a tour with Smashing Pumpkins and other bands. [Vulture] Meryl Streep and Don Gummer Separate: Meryl Streep and Don Gummer have reportedly separated after 45 years of marriage. [Vulture] Mick Jagger Does 'SNL': Mick Jagger and Lady Gaga made cameos on 'SNL.' [Vulture] Ego Nwodim's Jada Pinkett Smith 'SNL' Sketch: Nwodim portrayed Jada Pinkett Smith commenting on her “bad marriage for life.” [Vulture] AAA Game Studio With Indie Spirit: The article profiles video game company Remedy Entertainment which retains an indie spirit despite AAA success. [Vulture] The Rolling Stones' New Album: The rolling stones released their first album of new songs in 18 years, showing they still have artistic merit despite their age. [Vulture] ‘Below Deck’ Recap: Natalya’s relationship issues continue.

Max faces friction with the deck team. [Vulture] ‘Winter House’ Recap: The crossover cast brings romantic entanglements.

Schwartz arrives and cheats on Katie. [Vulture] Best ‘Call Chelsea Peretti’ Episode: Peretti's ‘Ologies’ episode highlights her comedic talents through discussions of snacks and existential dread. [Vulture] Reactions to ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’: Some Indigenous people have criticized Scorsese's portrayal of the Osage murders, while others approved the truthful depiction. [Vulture] Why Digital Fire Looks Bad: CGI fire often looks fake because fire is complex, unpredictable, and challenging to simulate digitally compared to real flames. [Vulture] ‘Southern Charm’ Recap: Austen and Olivia bond after her brother's death.

The men take a trip where Shep clashes with JT. [Vulture] ‘House of Villains’ Recap: New villains face challenges readjusting to communal living and compete in contests. [Vulture] ‘GBBO’ Recap: For pastry week, Matty, Dana, Christy, and Nicky struggle with pies and tarts in the challenges. [Vulture] Weekend Streaming Recommendations: New releases like FNAF, A Murder at the End of the World, The Killer, and more are highlighted. [Vulture] ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Recap: Relationships get shaken up as contestants explore new connections. [Vulture] ‘Real Housewives of Miami' Premiere Recap: Guerdy reveals a cancer diagnosis.

Larsa and Guerdy argue over "fake" comments. [Vulture] 21 Best Horror Anime: The list recommends scary and well-animated horror anime films and TV shows to watch. [Vulture] Robert De Niro Employee Lawsuit Explained: De Niro and a former assistant are in a legal dispute over gender discrimination and financial misconduct allegations. [Vulture] ‘Scott Pilgrim’ Anime Theme Song: The anime adaptation of ‘Scott Pilgrim’ has an upbeat J-rock theme song in the style of the original film/comics. [Vulture] Profile on Tim Heidecker: The article explores Heidecker's career playing comically unlikeable characters and his recent turn toward more dramatic roles. [Vulture] ‘Below Deck Med’ Recap: The interior crew deals with a demanding vegan charter guest.

Natalya fights with her boyfriend. [Vulture] 13 Great Daytime Horror Films: Horror films like The Birds and Jaws prove daylight hours can provide scares just as frightening as darkness. [Vulture] ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Recap: Relationships fractured as contestants explored connections with multiple people, causing drama. [Vulture] ‘Real Housewives of Miami’ Season Premiere Recap: Guerdy reveals a cancer diagnosis.

Larsa and Guerdy argue over being "fake." [Vulture] Chelsea Peretti Relaunching ‘Call Chelsea Peretti’: Peretti is bringing back her comedy podcast with listener questions answered by experts. [Vulture] Truth in Comedy After Hasan Minhaj Controversy: The article examines how comedians balance truth, facts, and artistic license in the current era. [Vulture] Best Chandler ‘Friends’ Episodes: The list compiles standout Chandler-focused ‘Friends’ episodes highlighting Perry's comedic skills. [Vulture] ‘Southern Charm’ Recap: The men take a contentious trip.

Austen faces criticism over behavior toward Taylor. [Vulture] ‘Paradise’ Recap: Relationships fractured as contestants explored connections, causing drama like Aaron and Kat's breakup. [Vulture] Festival Lineup: Robin Thede and Brit Marling join the lineup. [Vulture] ‘Gen V’ Finale Recap: The finale focuses on the fallout of releasing Godolkin's experimental subjects onto campus.
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November 05, 2023

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