New Statesman Media Bias for Past 90 Days

Average Social Media Shares: 47          Average Emotion: 1          Prescription Bias: 2

New Statesman Most Emotional Articles

Adam Curtis: “Big Tech and Big Data have been completely useless in this crisis”

How Donald Trump was acquitted of inciting the US Capitol riot

New: You’re 23 times more likely to be prosecuted for benefit fraud than tax fraud in the UK

Why England’s inhumane sex ban must now end

New Statesman Most Shared Articles

Jess Phillips: “Keir Starmer has done a remarkable job”

How a farmers’ protest in India evolved into a mass movement that refuses to fade

Four men own Britain’s news media. Is that a problem for democracy?

New Statesman Most Prescriptive Articles

Gavin Williamson’s proposals on free speech and universities are a half-baked mess

Nasa’s Mars landing is a reminder that good science depends on good politics

The UK cannot take foreign investment for granted

Keir Starmer has an economic policy. What he doesn't have is a strategy

New Statesman Most Recent Articles

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