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Science relies on constructive criticism. How to keep it useful and respectful

The problem with ‘follow your dream’

Brazil Rejects the Gamaleya Vaccine

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Hard choices emerge as link between AstraZeneca vaccine and rare clotting disorder becomes clearer   4k 🔥

How scientists are teasing apart the biology of Long COVID   1k 🔥

‘There are so many hurdles.’ Indian scientists plead with government to unlock COVID-19 data   1k 🔥

Brazil Rejects the Gamaleya Vaccine

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Depolarizing GABAA current in the prefrontal cortex is linked with cognitive impairment in a mouse model relevant for schizophrenia

The trilobite upper limb branch is a well-developed gill

Diversification dynamics of total-, stem-, and crown-groups are compatible with molecular clock estimates of divergence times

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