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Vaccine registration technology is failing. Here’s how the Biden administration could fix it

On the ground, the pledge to vaccinate 20 million against Covid-19 in December seems unrealistic

Sharon Begley, path-breaking science journalist who spun words into gold, dies at 64

‘A waste of money’: The home Covid-19 test funded by the Biden administration is too costly and complex, critics say

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Leading Covid-19 vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna decline invitations to White House ‘Vaccine Summit’   19k 🔥

Federal law prohibits employers and others from requiring vaccination with a Covid-19 vaccine distributed under an EUA   11k 🔥

In LA, ambulances circle for hours and ICUs are full. Is this what Covid-19 has in store for the rest of the country?   7k 🔥

STAT+: Republicans’ surprising Becerra attack: He’s not sympathetic enough to pharma   3k 🔥

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