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Audit shows North Carolina Department of Public Instruction mismanaged federal funds

Amount of unemployment fraud paid by Illinois taxpayers still not known as Republicans push for answers

Eric Trump slams Biden and Harris, says they are 'lazy' and 'lack motivation'

'Infuriating mess': Bongino rips media for not reporting on possibility of COVID-19 coming from Wuhan lab

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Veterans group DC motorcycle ride sees boom in interest after Pentagon denied permit, leader says   17k 🔥

Lindsey Graham says elections of Obama and Harris are proof that 'our systems are not racist'   10k 🔥

Texas and Louisiana file suit against Biden administration over release of 'dangerous and violent' illegal immigrants   9k 🔥

Wray contradicts Biden on antifa, saying it’s not just an idea — and it’s a real threat   8k 🔥

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‘Take me out to the ball game’ will have caveats ahead of Opening Day

Filemon Vela, who told Trump to shove border wall, will retire from House

Fauci warns vaccinated parents that children should still wear masks around each other

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