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Bullish Case: ALK's recent recovery after system upgrade issues and a $162 million Boeing compensation signal strong resilience. Strategic international expansions and improved operational efficiency suggest potential for growth and market confidence rebound.

Bearish Case: Ongoing tech troubles, FAA interventions, and volatile legal landscapes, coupled with Helium's higher-than-market volatility prediction, hint at potential disruptions and decreased investor confidence adversely impacting ALK's near-term valuation.

Potential Outcomes:

1. ALK resolves tech issues swiftly, regaining customer trust (55%).

2. Legal entanglements deepen, further harming reputation (40%).

3. Strategic expansions outpace market expectations, boosting shares (30%).

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May 01, 2024

Alaska Air Forecast

ALK      Alaska Air
Price Forecast: BULLISH    Price Action: RANDOM (?)

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