Media Bias for Past 90 Days

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Average Social Media Shares: 53          Average Emotion: 1          Prescription Bias: 1 Most Emotional Articles

The Republican Dam on Immigration is Cracking, Now They Must Pay for Their Racism

Can We Exit This Road to Ruin?

Perfidy Meets Putty – Congressional Democrats Betray Voters

Love & Rage: The Eros Effect and Spontaneous Combustion Most Shared Articles

China Isn’t the Problem, Neoliberalism Is   1k 🔥

Time to Trash the Terrorist Watch List, a Police-State Frankenstein Gone Off the Rails

Same as the Old Boss, Julian Assange Edition

Perfidy Meets Putty – Congressional Democrats Betray Voters Most Prescriptive Articles

‘Freedom is Never Voluntarily Given’: Palestinian Boycott of Israel is Not Racist, It is Anti-Racist

It’s a Myth that Presidents Welcome Movement Pressure — and Biden is No Different

Biden’s Commerce Secretary is Pure Clintonism

Attacks on Trans Rights Are Rising; Fight Back! Most Recent Articles