New York Times (Opinion) Media Bias for Past 90 Days

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Average Social Media Shares: 963          Average Emotion: 2          Prescription Bias: 2

New York Times (Opinion) Publishes More About

ambitious agenda

charlottesville va

constitutional amendment

New York Times (Opinion) Publishes Less About

facebook instagram

indianapolis fedex

fundraising efforts

New York Times (Opinion) Publishes More Emotional About

corporate america

atlanta shootings

New York Times (Opinion) Most Similar Sources




The Wall Street Journal



New York Times (Opinion) Most Emotional Articles

Freelancers Shouldn’t Have ‘Horror Stories’

Thank God for the Poets

Coney Island Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

How Sanctions Hurt Iranian Women

New York Times (Opinion) Most Shared Articles

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The Nazi-Fighting Women of the Jewish Resistance   16k 🔥

New York Times (Opinion) Most Prescriptive Articles

America Is Not ‘Back.’ And Americans Should Not Want It to Be.

The New Alliance Shaping the Middle East Is Against a Tiny Bug

Haiti Needs Help. This Is What the U.S. Sends Instead.

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