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Canceling Dr. Seuss is asinine and historically ignorant.

Family vlogging should be investigated or at least referred to as a form of child abuse.

It should be illegal for a company to list an entry level job as requiring 3-5 years experience, the very definition of an entry level job is no experience needed

"Y'all" is a brilliant use of the English language and i refuse to be told otherwise

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After almost 1 year, are you satisfied with your national government's response to the COVID-19? If not, what could have been done in your opinion?

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"Rights" are not things the Government owes TO you; they are things the Government cannot take AWAY from you

There is a massive disconnect in most relationships specifically because men are taught how to treat a woman as they grow up, but women are not taught how to treat a man.

It’s selfish to continue a pregnancy if the baby is so sick that the doctors recommend termination.

Single player is better than online multiplayer.

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