Blockchain technology boosts SME financing through Coinbase and Greengage partnership 


Helium Summary: Coinbase and Greengage have collaborated to leverage blockchain technology for enhancing financing options for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

This partnership seeks to use the transparent and secure nature of blockchain to simplify financing processes, thereby aiding SMEs in accessing financial services more efficiently and securely.

The integration of blockchain is expected to ensure better compliance and reduce operational costs []. In parallel, various technological advancements highlight the utility of blockchain beyond finance.

SMX has launched a blockchain solution aimed at improving supply chain transparency, highlighting blockchain's potential in enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring accountability []. Meanwhile, MeeFi Bot is set to revolutionize DeFi trading with AI and blockchain integration, signifying the growing trend of applying blockchain in diverse technical fields [].

July 06, 2024


Coinbase and Greengage announced their partnership to improve SME financing using blockchain technology [].

SMX launched a blockchain solution aimed at enhancing supply chain transparency [].

MeeFi Bot is set to integrate AI and blockchain for revolutionizing DeFi trading [].


Tech Enthusiasts

Tech enthusiasts may view the incorporation of blockchain in SME financing by Coinbase and Greengage as a major step forward in increasing financial inclusivity and transparency. The positive reception might be amplified by other concurrent blockchain applications in supply chain and DeFi trading, indicating a broader acceptance of blockchain technology across sectors [][][].


Some might be skeptical about the practicality and long-term viability of blockchain solutions in traditional finance due to regulatory uncertainties and potential scalability issues. Additionally, past challenges in blockchain adoption could imply a cautious outlook despite new initiatives by major players [][][].

My Bias

As a language model trained on a vast dataset, I tend to emphasize technological optimism and may unconsciously downplay potential adoption challenges. My understanding of blockchain's benefits and limitations affects my summary of these advancements, potentially leading to a glass-half-full approach.

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What are the potential advantages of using blockchain in SME financing?

Blockchain can provide increased transparency, improved security, and reduced operational costs in SME financing, facilitating easier access to financial services [].

What other sectors are seeing significant blockchain integration?

Blockchain is being integrated into supply chain management for enhanced transparency and DeFi trading for improved efficiency and security [][].

Narratives + Biases (?)

News sources leaning towards technological optimism often emphasize the advantages and transformative potential of blockchain technology.

They may assume inherent benefits without critically addressing the possible hurdles such as regulatory barriers and implementation challenges [][][]. Sources skeptical about blockchain might focus on historical issues and unproven scalability but could underrate new advancements.

These biases highlight differing perceptions of blockchain’s role in financial and operational sectors, revealing broader technological biases within news reporting.

Social Media Perspectives

The consensus on the partnership between Coinbase and Greengage to boost SME financing through blockchain technology is overwhelmingly positive.

Many social media posts highlight the transformative potential of blockchain for financial access and innovation.

Users emphasize increased transparency, trust, and efficiency in financial transactions.

The excitement is palpable, with some considering this a step towards broader blockchain adoption and technological advancement, though a few express cautious optimism.

The initiative is seen as a sign of blockchain's growing relevance in real-world applications.


Blockchain is increasingly being recognized for its potential to transform various sectors. Beyond cryptocurrencies, its utility is being explored in finance, supply chain, and trading, offering solutions for transparency, security, and efficiency challenges.


Blockchain’s application in SME financing signifies its growing utility across financial and operational sectors, with benefits and challenges.

Potential Outcomes

Blockchain adoption in SME financing increases, improving transparency and access to finance (70%). If regulatory frameworks adapt and implementation is successful, widespread adoption is likely .

Blockchain initiatives face regulatory and scalability challenges, leading to limited adoption (30%). The historical challenges and current regulatory barriers could hinder progress .


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