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Royal tour to Australia while King continues cancer treatment
Tristan da Silva impresses in NBA Summer League
Advancing transparency and reducing inefficiencies in clinical trials
Partior raises $60M to expand its blockchain-based settlement network
Senator Menendez's ongoing corruption trial deliberates bribery accusations
Attempted assassination at Trump rally injures ex-president, one spectator dead
Multiple advances reshaping varied technology sectors
Google shifts from offsets to net-zero emissions by 2030
The Twins' close loss against the Giants before the All-Star break
Spain wins Euro 2024 final, beating England 2-1
Housing affordability crisis worsens globally
Millions affected by power outages after Hurricane Beryl in Texas
Wearable AI devices equal hospital tests for heart rate monitoring
Healthcare systems face mounting challenges from varied sources
Kate Middleton attends Wimbledon men’s final during cancer treatment
Rio Tinto eyes Teck Resources post coal divestment

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