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Bullish Case: ARKG shows mean-reverting behavior. Although recent returns are negative, the volatility term structure and increased bullish sentiment could lead to a short-term rebound. Current implied volatility is slightly lower than Helium's forecast.

Bearish Case: ARKG has declined significantly over multiple time frames. High implied volatility indicates continued uncertainty. Historical and forecast data suggest a further decline. Recent small gains could be short-lived buoyed by temporary fluctuations.

Potential Outcomes:

1. Stability continues leading to slight upside (35%).

2. Prolonged downtrend persists due to historical trends and high volatility (50%).

3. Short-term sentiment rally causes brief upswing (15%).

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May 22, 2024

ARK Investment Management LLC - ARK Genomic Revolution Forecast

ARKG      ARK Investment Management LLC - ARK Genomic Revolution

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