Correlated Stock Forecasts

Assets that tend to move strongly with BKH

EXC Forecast   Exelon (0.88)

FSK Forecast   FS KKR (0.84)

ACMR Forecast   ACM Research (0.8)

TFC Forecast   Truist Financial (0.79)

SSO Forecast   ProShares Ultra S&P500 (0.79)

Uncorrelated Stock Forecasts

Assets with little price relationship to BKH

OLLI Forecast   Ollies Bargain Outlet (0.0)

BMY Forecast   Bristol-Myers Squibb (0.01)

HAL Forecast   Halliburton (0.01)

SCO Forecast   ProShares UltraShort Bloomberg Crude Oil (0.02)

CDE Forecast   Coeur Mining (-0.02)

Anticorrelated Stock Forecasts

Assets that tend to move strongly against BKH

ELF Forecast   e.l.f. Beauty (-0.52)

DGII Forecast   Digi International (-0.6)

SH Forecast   ProShares Short S&P500 (-0.67)

TBT Forecast   PowerShares UltraShort Lehman 20+ Yea (-0.75)

TYO Forecast   Direxion Daily 7-10 Year Treasury Bear 3X Shares (-0.76)

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