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Bullish Case: Despite long-term price declines, imminent quarterly results (May 10) could surprise positively, enhancing Helium's essential services in Hawaii's sustainability transition. Renewed investor trust in utility's recovery, management's strategic shifts could reverse trends, especially if earnings beat expectations.

Bearish Case: HE's stock has plummeted by over 74% over the past year amidst ongoing legal challenges and bearish forecasts. The persistently high implied volatility signals market skepticism about the utility's prospects, compounded by negative recent price movements.

Potential Outcomes:

1. Positive earnings report surprises market, stock rebounds (+35% chance).

2. Earnings meet pessimistic forecasts, stock continues to decline (-45% chance).

3. Announcement of strategic changes in upcoming earnings call stabilizes stock (+20% chance).

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May 07, 2024

Hawaiian Electric Industries Forecast

HE      Hawaiian Electric Industries
Price Forecast: BEARISH    Price Action: MEAN REVERTING (?)

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