Correlated Stock Forecasts

Assets that tend to move strongly with ERIC

CS Forecast   Credit Suisse (0.97)

TSM Forecast   Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (0.97)

DOCU Forecast   DocuSign (0.96)

ALLY Forecast   Ally Financial (0.96)

VFC Forecast   VF (0.96)

Uncorrelated Stock Forecasts

Assets with little price relationship to ERIC

DBC Forecast   Invesco DB Commodity Index Tracking (-0.0)

SO Forecast   Southern (0.0)

REI Forecast   Ring Energy (0.0)

KHC Forecast   Kraft Heinz (0.01)

BHVN Forecast   Biohaven Pharmaceutical (0.01)

Anticorrelated Stock Forecasts

Assets that tend to move strongly against ERIC

ADMA Forecast   Adma Biologics (-0.88)

TBT Forecast   PowerShares UltraShort Lehman 20+ Yea (-0.92)

EDZ Forecast   Direxion Daily MSCI Emerging Markets Bear 3X Shares (-0.93)

STNG Forecast   Scorpio Tankers (-0.93)

UUP Forecast   Invesco DB US Dollar Index Bullish (-0.95)

Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson Forecast

Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (ERIC)


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