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Bullish Case: EXTR's pioneering advances in Wi-Fi 6E, penetrating significant markets such as stadiums and universities, position it as a leader in high-performance outdoor connectivity. Helium's higher forecasted volatility suggests latent market underestimation of growth potential, especially with fresh product launches.

Bearish Case: Recent insider sales, high P/B ratios, and sustained market skepticism indicate potential overvaluation. Helium's bullish volatility forecast may not convincingly address underlying challenges like stiffening competition and operational risks affecting EXTR's financial health.

Potential Outcomes:

1) Market recognition of EXTR's innovation leads to rally: 40%.

2) Continued flat trading due to market indecision: 30%.

3) Decline from unresolved operational risks and market corrections: 30%.

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May 07, 2024

Extreme Networks Forecast

EXTR      Extreme Networks

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